Summer didn’t stay long. It figures, she thought, just as I was getting comfortable wearing flip flops, I gotta start wearing rain boots. Autumn’s always been my favorite season anyway. It never got old to feel that satisfying crunch of dead leaves. The worst was when you thought you saw a real crunchy one. You walk up to it, anticipation growing. You let your foot hover over the big oak leaf as if to hear its final request before meeting oblivion. Finally the foot drops and…nothing. A soggy leaf masquerading as a cruncher. The worst.

Her thoughts wander back to the leaf fight of her life. Heart pumping and soul levitating, she sprinted and dodged with so much abandon you’d think she was the leaf being hurled into the air. Dry leaves would explode in an array of reds and yellows against grey skies. Even when rain-soggy leaves hit her with a wet smack on the cheek, she laughed open-mouthed. She missed being silly and not…thinking.


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