Writers block strikes again

We had another writing prompt for my writers group. The theme was Home. I don’t know what it was about this theme but I must have started on a new piece at least 10 times. Each time I scribbled the words out or tapped the delete button with a little more force than necessary. 

Then, I thought I would look through my previously written work to see if there was something I could work with. This is something I have tried before to break writers block. To my dismay, I found out everything I’ve ever written is just crap. 

Ever have one of those days? 

However, instead of wallowing in it like I might have in the past, I’m moving right along. I set up a work shop on Thursday that will generate story ideas. You can look forward to hearing about the results of that sometime this weekend. 

Until then, do NOT let writers block keep you down! 



3 thoughts on “Writers block strikes again

  1. I think we all can identify with those days, good on you for moving on! 🙂 I may use the ‘Home’ prompt over the next few days – feeling could do something with it (am travelling away from home atm!) – would link back to here. Is that ok?

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