Writing Prompt: Breaking Away

This week, our group met on Monday, instead of Thursday, so you get the writing prompt early! *throws confetti*

The theme was Breaking Away. For some reason, what came to my mind straight away was a break up scene. I’m not sure about posting my piece for this prompt, because it got a little racy. The premise of the story is pretty straightforward: Eloise and Alejandra are in the middle of an argument and Eloise is breaking it off with Alejandra after 10 years together. Alejandra tries her last measure by seducing Eloise. They sleep together, but in the morning when Alejandra wakes up, she discovers Eloise is gone.

It is my second time writing a sex scene and my first time writing a lesbian one. I have to say my biggest struggle is pronouns! I can’t just say “she did this, then she did that” because it isn’t always clear which “she” I am referring to. And it annoys me to keep saying “Eloise’s this and Alejandra’s that.”

Does anyone know a way around this? Or have any tips in general for writing erotic scenes? Not that I think I’ll be writing a whole lot of erotic fiction, but it’s always good to be well informed. 🙂


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