Internship at Movellas


On Monday, I started a 4 week internship at this small, but feisty site Movellas! It’s a site where writers can publish their stories and get feedback from other writers. In turn, you can also read other people’s works, often as they’re being written. It’s kind of like podcasts for writing or something.

It’s a young crowd, ranging mostly in the teens, which probably scares more seasoned writers away, but I think its youth makes it really unique. The writing is mostly fiction (yay for me!) and a lot of it is fan fiction. People like to hate on fan fic writers and if I’m honest, I used to be one of the haters back in the day. Then one evening, I came across some Harry Potter fan fic on Tumblr and an hour later, I was still reading. I think if you love a fictional universe, fan fic is a creative way to keep the universe alive. And for those who think it is unimaginative to hijack existing characters instead of creating original characters, you obviously have not read some of these amazing storylines and plot twists that fan fic writers come up with.

Anyway, that’s my spiel on fan fiction. So far, the internship is going well. I feel like my English Lit degree is being put to good use in the writing world. I’ll even be setting up my own writing competition soon!

Oh, which is another cool thing about Movellas. They have writing competitions going on pretty much constantly. And I swear, they didn’t tell me to say this stuff. I’m not even getting paid. I’m just super excited to work with people who love reading and writing as much as I do!

If you do happen to find Movellas interesting and sign up, my user name is Jess N. Look me up.



Tavi Turtle: a children’s book about self esteem and healthy coping

My cousin is amazing and wrote a cute children’s book called Tavi Turtle: Unique and Accepted. She even did all the drawings herself! She’s a therapist with many years experience working with kids and teens, so she really knows her stuff when it comes to how kids deal with self esteem issues.

I’m a mom and I know as a parent we don’t like to think our children have stressful lives, especially when we take such good care of them. But let’s face it, the world is a stressful place! I want to make sure I do my best to give my son the support he needs to deal with this crazy world. I’m down for any book that’s going to help me talk with my kid about what they’re dealing with. And if it has an adorable turtle in it, then I’m sold.

It would mean the world to my cousin if you liked the Tavi Turtle Facebook page:

You can buy her book as a soft cover or e-book from Balboa Press:

This has been shameless promo for a close family member. 🙂

Writers block strikes again

We had another writing prompt for my writers group. The theme was Home. I don’t know what it was about this theme but I must have started on a new piece at least 10 times. Each time I scribbled the words out or tapped the delete button with a little more force than necessary. 

Then, I thought I would look through my previously written work to see if there was something I could work with. This is something I have tried before to break writers block. To my dismay, I found out everything I’ve ever written is just crap. 

Ever have one of those days? 

However, instead of wallowing in it like I might have in the past, I’m moving right along. I set up a work shop on Thursday that will generate story ideas. You can look forward to hearing about the results of that sometime this weekend. 

Until then, do NOT let writers block keep you down! 


The Best Editing Tools for Creative Writers

I had no idea there were so many editing tools! Reblogging for future use. 🙂

Interesting Literature

By Robert Morris

Have you ever been so consumed by the creative writing process that you were left with no energy for the editing part? That happens to most writers. We don’t have a problem to spend days on a short story or blog post, but even a single hour of editing makes us exhausted. The following editing tools will help you get through the challenge more easily!

Wridea – Creative writers get ideas all the time. Unfortunately, we tend to forget most of them when we don’t write them down. This online app will help you save and organize your ideas, as well as to share them with selected friends. Then, you can easily add more details during the editing stage and make the content perfect.

Poetica – If you are ready to receive some constructive criticism from fellow writers, Poetica is the right destination for you. It doesn’t…

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A new year, a new beginning

A year since my last post. Ouch, that’s a painful gap.

I want to say I have a good excuse, but there’s really no such thing. I had a baby and now that he’s a bit older and growing more independent each day, I have time to myself and to my writing.

I’m also officially co-organizer for The Copenhagen Writers Club! So expect more workshops, more meet ups, and more writing.

// Jess


It’s time to get serious.

Haven’t been writing as much as I want to lately, so I’m joining the ranks of NaNoWriMo writers just a few days before November starts.

I haven’t had much time to prepare, but I have a story idea I’ve kicked around for a year.

Follow along and stay tuned for updates, excerpts, and possible break downs!

Fellow newbies, please follow along here or find me on My username is jess0519.

// Jess