Internship at Movellas


On Monday, I started a 4 week internship at this small, but feisty site Movellas! It’s a site where writers can publish their stories and get feedback from other writers. In turn, you can also read other people’s works, often as they’re being written. It’s kind of like podcasts for writing or something.

It’s a young crowd, ranging mostly in the teens, which probably scares more seasoned writers away, but I think its youth makes it really unique. The writing is mostly fiction (yay for me!) and a lot of it is fan fiction. People like to hate on fan fic writers and if I’m honest, I used to be one of the haters back in the day. Then one evening, I came across some Harry Potter fan fic on Tumblr and an hour later, I was still reading. I think if you love a fictional universe, fan fic is a creative way to keep the universe alive. And for those who think it is unimaginative to hijack existing characters instead of creating original characters, you obviously have not read some of these amazing storylines and plot twists that fan fic writers come up with.

Anyway, that’s my spiel on fan fiction. So far, the internship is going well. I feel like my English Lit degree is being put to good use in the writing world. I’ll even be setting up my own writing competition soon!

Oh, which is another cool thing about Movellas. They have writing competitions going on pretty much constantly. And I swear, they didn’t tell me to say this stuff. I’m not even getting paid. I’m just super excited to work with people who love reading and writing as much as I do!

If you do happen to find Movellas interesting and sign up, my user name is Jess N. Look me up.



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